One of a Kind Artwork

Nova can’t be the only art obsessed 3 year old out there! Coloring, painting, markers, glue, pipe cleaners – you name it she wants it. It is so fun to watch her develop a creative spirit and see how her art changes with time.

It can also be kind of messy. So a small trick I came up with is to use cling wrap on the table. I cover a fairly large area and she is able to paint, etc and I don’t have to worry about the dining room table being covered with glitter or paint. She is also really good about not pulling the cling wrap off the table allowing it to protect the table as needed.

I am also currently obsessed with giving her small canvases to paint. She is able to paint to her hearts content and I get one of a kind art pieces for my walls made by my sweet girl. I can’t wait for Thea and the boys to officially be out of the “everything goes in my mouth” stage so they can paint canvases too.


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