Grocery Shopping vs Delivery


I recently shared how much I love Shipt. It has been so helpful to have our groceries delivered instead of having to get all of the kids out, push a stroller, pull a buggy, pay for groceries, load/unload babies and groceries, etc, etc, etc. Honestly, just thinking about it makes me a bit tired. So being able to place an order and within a couple of hours have all my groceries show up at the door has been incredible.

Not to mention it has cut down on impulse spending…if I can’t see it then I can’t convince myself I or the kids need it…right?!

But I’ve been doing some price checking. There is an upcharge on everything. A few items I’ve purchased (in person) there was a few dollars difference in price and I know this to be a fact because I had the Shipt app pulled up. So now I’ve been pondering whether it’s worth the upcharge to reduce impulse spending or is it worth 1-2 impulse buys to save on the price of individual items?

I haven’t decided yet. I suppose it really comes down to what I’m impulsively buying. Is is a few painting kits in the Target One Spot or a on clearance blanket (because I’m a total sucker for soft blanket on sale!). There is a pretty big difference between $3-4 and $25-30.

I’m totally on the fence. Shipt also has all my favorite stores available for delivery: Costco, Target, Kroger, and Publix. It truly doesn’t get much easier than using Shipt.

How do you guys stop impulse purchases? Do you have more willpower than I do? Where do you like to shop? Is Shipt (or another service like Shipt) available in your area?

If you click here to sign up for Shipt you and I get $10 off a future order! This is not a sponsored post…just me rambling about how heavenly it is to have groceries delivered.


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