Encouraging Your Spouse

Marriage is such a beautiful thing. Two people joining together to take on the world is exciting but also just hard. Looking and working beyond our sinful nature of selfishly wanting what we want (as an individual) is enough of a curve ball but then throw in a couple of kids, job changes, child loss, etc, etc, and it gets harder.

There have been moments over the last three years when I’ve truly wondered if Adam and I would make through those hard days and nights. We’ve fought with each other and for each other. We’ve given our marriage to the Lord time and time again. It certainly hasn’t been pretty or easy, and we’ve been to counseling together and separately. We choose to honor the Lord by choosing each other every time.

Adam is really good about writing me sweet notes and leaving them for me to find

I believe one of the reasons (beyond the obvious: God keeping us together) we’ve worked so hard to get through these tough moments in our marriage is because we’ve practiced encouraging one another.

We’ve encouraged each other’s dreams and hopes and desires. We’ve encouraged each other through written word and through long car ride pep-talks. If we want to work on something as much as possible we try to work on it together. We pray for each other.

I believe an encouraging word every day is a small, easy thing to do with a big impact on the health of a marriage.

Try it in your own marriage and let me know if you sense a renewed connection with your spouse.


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