Babies and Stains

They go hand-in-hand, right? Poop, spit up, mud, playing with food, the ways for children to stain their clothing (and yours too) are endless.

I have for the last three years used Dreft Baby Stain Remover. This stuff was a game changer for me. It actually works and gets stains out. One of the first times I used it was when Nova (around a year old) busted her lip tie on her crib. She had blood everywhere and after comforting her (and myself!) I went to work trying to get the blood out of her crib sheet. A little cold water, spray with Dreft, scrubbed the fabric together to help activate it and then a normal wash with Tide and the stain was gone. I was beyond thrilled and obviously sold on how well it worked.

I still use it daily and I still love it. But a friend of mine recently introduced me to Bac Out. Whattt??? How have I not known about this product? Friends, not only does it get stains out but it get SMELLS out! Our kids have been so sick lately. Throwing up like every other week. It’s been disgusting and gross and very hard on the nose. Bac Out to the RESCUE! Stains double gone with Dreft and Bac Out. Smells gone, gone, gone with Bac Out. I spray that crap on everything. Cribs… laundry…. oh, you threw up on the floor? I’m spraying the carpet with Bac Out.

Everything has been stain-free, clean, and no lingering bad smells. It has been a very sweet relief.

I’ve always purchased Dreft in the baby department at Target and Bac Out is available through Amazon or Whole Foods (it was cheaper at Whole Foods for me!).

Share your favorite stain fighting chemicals in the comments! I want to know!

P.S. this post contains an affiliate link at no cost to you

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