Happy 1st Birthday Llewyn & Cohen!


This post is way overdue! The month of May has flown by and I’ve failed to make time to sit down and keep up with this blog. It seems ages ago but it hasn’t even been three weeks since we celebrated Llewyn and Cohen’s 1st birthday. In the weeks since Cohen has had an ear infection and mild strep (we caught it very early), and the entire family has had some sort of virus. I had it for almost a full week and it was the worst virus I’ve dealt with in a long, long time.


Celebrating the boys 1st birthday was so much fun! We kept it fairly simple with Chick-Fil-A catering lunch – a huge platter of Chick-Fil-A nuggets goes a long way to keep guests of all ages happy and satisfied! So then all I had to worry about was a few decorations and making their cake. I made two smash cakes and then cake for everyone to share.


This land before time dino cake was pretty simple. I just carved the shape I wanted and then iced it to look like a waterfall and some grassy patches. Then I placed the mini dinosaurs all around.



This last year with our boys has been so amazing and hard and wonderful. I love being their momma. They are the sweetest babies. So full of joy for each other, for their sisters, for Adam and myself, and just life in general. They don’t mind being left in the nursery or with a sitter. They adapt to different surroundings very well. They love playing with the girls and want to keep up with them in everything. They also love getting into everything together.


After having Phoenix and Thea so early it was so healing for me to have another twin pregnancy that was so successful. I really wrestled with feeling like I had failed the girls but carrying the mo-di twins (technically higher risk than our di-di girls) to 36 weeks helped me realize and understand that it wasn’t my fault the girls had been born early. It just happened and there was nothing that could have been done about it.

All the stuff I packed for trips out of the house!


It’s been amazing to see the bond the boys have with each other. They want to be close together and do almost everything together. Although, they’ve never been able to sleep together. They would keep each other up by snatching paci’s or kicking each other so they’ve always been in separate cribs. They’ve always eaten the same exact amount of formula. They’ve teethed at the same time and with the same teeth. It has been amazing to watch.

My last bump picture with the boys

Llewyn is our bulldozer. If he wants to play with something or do something he just does it. Nothing gets in his way. The size difference between him and Nova doesn’t even faze him. He will definitely snatch toys from both girls. He is also known for crawling and climbing over anyone who gets in his way. He tries to do things before he has it figured out and usually that means I have to “rescue” him from climbing on furniture or crawling between stuff.

Cohen is a little more laid back. He watches everyone. He loves to be held. He will occasionally snatch toys but usually he’ll just scream. He’s a screamer. He doesn’t even have to be mad to scream. He just screams. Unlike Llewyn he waits to do something until he has it figured out and can actually do it without help.

A few days old to 1 year old!


It’s been so fun to watch their personalities develop because when they were in my womb Cohen moved and kicked so much more than Llewyn did, and I assumed Cohen would be the one who would get into everything and that Llewyn would be the quiet, cuddly one of the two. Little did I know! It’s just the opposite and I love it.

We love you so much boys! We can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you with us. We praise the Lord for your place in our home and hearts.


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