Our Visit to the Georgia Aquarium

20180424_113308We had so much fun at the Georgia Aquarium for their Superhero Day. It also happened to fall on April 21st which was the day two years ago that Phoenix died. So it was a perfect event for our family (it helps that they all have comic book character names!). IMG_20180422_091931_380


The kids got in free if they dressed like a superhero and it wasn’t hard for us to pull together little outfits. The boys wore some Batman and Superman clothes they already had and Thea wore Nova’s Wonder Woman costume from Halloween. Nova want her and Thea to both be Wonder Woman so we purchased a new Wonder Woman outfit for Nova. And then we were set!


We pushed our big quad stroller around the aquarium. Next time I’ll take one of our smaller doubles and let the girls walk. The quad was able to go through all of the main exhibits and it was great for allowing the kids to be able to see without many people getting in their way. But I think the double stroller would have been easier especially considering Adam spent a good bit of time carrying the girls so they could get a closer look at the animals.


They also had fun activities for the kids going on throughout the day. Several of the employees were dressed up as sea creatures and talked to the kids and played games. Nova and Thea were able to limbo and dance which my girls loved. See the girls limbo HERE.

Right before we left the aquarium we found actual Superheros and Nova was in awe!  Look at her sweet face being next to Wonder Woman. She hasn’t stopped talking about her. Thea didn’t like the Superheros so she refused to get even near them. No pictures for her! Ha!

This picture of Nova’s mouth dropped open at seeing the beluga whales is one of my favorites from the day. 20180421_111249

I hadn’t been to the aquarium in years but it was just as wonderful and awe-inspiring. I can’t wait to go back.

After we finished at the aquarium we headed to the North Point Mall for dinner and let the girls ride the carousel.

Thea did not care for the carousel at all. But Nova loved it and we let her ride twice because when you are spending the day doing fun things on the day your daughter died you let your living kids ride the carousel twice….and when they request donuts you buy them donuts on the way home even if it is 7pm. Life is short so we had a bit of a “yes” day and I’m so glad we did. It was the perfect day full of new, happy memories.


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