Thea’s Unicorn Cake


I have made a few cakes in my time, including my own wedding cake. fb_img_15227818939894338444363925490766.jpg

But I’ve never made one that had an opening at the bottom!

In the middle of decorating Thea’s cake I thought to myself, “What have I done?!” LOL So in case y’all want to attempt your own Unicorn Head Cake I thought I’d share how I did it!

20180323_1414566233058523342274970.jpgThe first thing I did was draw a “horse” head on parchment paper and cut it out. To be honest, at this point I had not decided to have a “standing” cake. I was making it up as I went.

I then baked four cakes. Two medium and two small cakes. I used a store mix to make my cakes because 1) it’s easy and 2) I have a ton of kids and not enough time. Goal = fun, tasty cakes my kids will remember and love.

After cooling all of the cakes I thought it would be best to cut them in half. I stacked those halves in order to create the unicorn head.

I was concerned about not having enough cake but it ended up working out just find. I used regular store-bought, ready-to-use icing to hold the cake layers together.



At this point my cake was not very sturdy and it almost fell to the floor. The cake was heavy and the icing held it together fairly well but it was too top-heavy to last. So I pulled out ALL of the chopsticks we own and stuffed them inside the cake in order to make it stand. And I stuffed some of the carved cake around the bottom to help it even out.


Although, not planned, when I added some of the scraps of cake it helped shape the cake into a beautiful looking unicorn head.

As you can see my cake was not very pretty on the backside. But that didn’t matter to me. It looked AMAZING from the front.


I was very liberal in the icing used to create the mane. Thea currently loves the color yellow so I used a lot of yellow. The eyes and mouth I “painted” by using a chopstick dipped into black writing icing. And, of course, the horn is a waffle cone ice cream cone.



I am very proud of this unicorn cake and I love how it turned out. Let me know if you try to make one too!


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