Thea’s 2nd Birthday Party

We had so much fun celebrating Thea’s birthday this past weekend. It was special for many reasons.

The fact that our micro-preemie is alive and doing so well is just amazing. She is a real magical unicorn. There is no reason why she lived and Phoenix didn’t; they could have both died. That is the reality of having a baby (or two) born at 24 weeks.

I am so, so, SO thankful God allowed her to live though. She brings so much joy and excitement to our lives.

It was also special because last year when she turned 1 she couldn’t even eat cake. So we had a little party because Nova didn’t understand birthday parties without cake but it just isn’t the same when the birthday girl can’t eat her own cake. So it was pretty exciting to know she could have her cake and eat it too!

We also included small reminders of Phoenix because it’s her day too. A balloon with the letter “P” and orange roses (those were the flowers I had at our wedding and also the same flowers we had at Phoenix’s funeral).

If Thea ever gets to the point where she doesn’t want those small reminders then we won’t have them at her party. It is a careful line we parents of twinless twins walk.

It was so much fun to have families here to celebrate with us. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived this close to my family.


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