Simply Reflections 

As you all know, a few days after Christmas Nova decided all of her toys were “disgusting” and she told me she wanted to throw them in the trash. 

We compromised and,  instead of throwing them away, put all but a few small toys in two very large black trash bags.

They sat in the corner of the living room for almost a week before Nova told me, “I need my toys. Dus a few of dem.”

I have spent the last three weeks baffled by my child. What kid doesn’t love all of their new toys from Christmas? What 3 year old wants to throw away her toys? Who was this little person?

Until a few days ago when I walked into the kitchen and declared, “If we don’t clean this kitchen I’m going to throw everything away!”

I stopped myself in my own tracks; “Nova is me. She is doing this with her toys because I do this with our things!”

Adam laughed and said, ” I wondered how long it would take you to figure it out!”

Children are simply reflections of who we are as their parents. This revelation, although not a new one, was a good reminder to be careful of the example I’m modeling for my kids.

I don’t deal with clutter very well. Most is of my own making: not cleaning dishes after every meal, not sorting mail as it comes in the house, etc. And now Nova doesn’t handle clutter very well. She was in Christmas toy overload!

So once she decided (because I believe in listening to my children and allowing them to make some age appropriate decisions) she was ready for a few toys we took a few out and left the rest in the trash bags in the corner of the living room. And ever since she’s been happily playing with just a few toys.

But as a Believer I need to take this small reminder a few steps further. I need to make sure I’m reflecting Christ in all things so that my children do as well.
I need to wash dishes right away so my children clean up their own toys when they are finished playing.
I need to speak kindly so my children speak with kindness.
I need to act justly so my children behave fairly.
I need to speak truth so my children are honest.
I need to show, share, and be love so my children spread love.
I need to have mercy and grace so my children freely give blessings without wondering if it’s deserved.
I need Christ to be first so that children desire Him above all.

And I need toy storage ideas! Send me your best! 


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