Christ-centered Christmas 

Anyone else still basking in the joy that is Christmas time? I love this season and I love to enjoy it for as long as possible. That’s why I like to put my tree up the day after thanksgiving and take it down some time after the New Year.

I also love the family traditions we observe during the Christmas season. Looking at lights, seeing Santa, singing favorite Christmas songs, and decorating cookies and gingerbread houses. We always put a tangerine in stockings because that’s what my family did growing up. Adam’s family always read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve and had birthday brownies for Jesus on Christmas day and now we do those things too. 
For both Adam and myself growing up our family’s always read the birth story of Jesus at some point during the excitement of Christmas day. We’ve continued that tradition with our kids.

But this year in the craze of little ones being enthralled with finally opening gifts we quickly read Isaiah 9:6 and then finished opening presents.

After lunch and before naptime (yes, I put my kids down for a nap on Christmas day) we read the Birth story from one of our favorite children’s Bible books. 

And then right before bedtime we read the Birth story from Luke.

It was completely unintentional but I loved how we came back to Jesus time and time again during the day. Adam and I discussed it while washing dishes and agreed we wanted this to be a new family tradition for all Christmases to come.


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