Nova’s 3rd Birthday Party

It seriously feels like we’ve been celebrating Halloween for over year. Oh, wait. That’s because WE HAVE BEEN! Nova’s obsession with Halloween began the moment Target put out their spooky Halloween signage, decor, and costumes last year. Here’s looking at you, September 2016!

Nova, 2 years old, 2016

She wore that Anna costume for a week straight. She even slept in it. I finally went to the store hoping and praying to find a costume, any costume, in her size (a week after Halloween) just so I could wash that Anna dress. It was the best thing ever.

That was the beginning of her love for all things spooky. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and every holiday to come could not distract her from the fun she had celebrating Halloween. And when I began to ask her what kind of birthday party she wanted this year it was immediately, “I want a spooky spider, skeleton cake!”

A spooky Halloween birthday party was had and enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Pinterest and friends who shared Halloween kid-friendly treats they found on Facebook.

Old and new decorations, $1 goodie bags for little friends, tasty treats, and a spooky cake provided by my Dad and Step-mom made for a great 3rd birthday party. After all was said and done she told me, “my party boo-tastic!” It doesn’t get better than that friends.


Happy birthday, Nova! We can’t wait to trick or treat with you tonight!


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