Dear Nova

Happy Birthday, Super Nova!


I am beyond thankful God allowed me to be your momma. You bring joy to everyone you meet. You have given me reasons to smile on my darkest days. You are my girl.

I cannot believe you are 3! The last three years have flown by. Times speeds up 1,000x once one becomes a parent. And half of your little life has been spent with your mom and dad focused less on you and more on you+siblings. I’m sorry if you ever felt neglected. Ask your dad or Aunt Bethany – I have tried SO hard to make sure you never had the opportunity to feel forgotten by your dad or me. You have always been important; even in the midst of your sisters being in the NICU or Phoenix dying or your brothers being born. You’ve always been on my mind and I’ve always wanted to take care of you as much as I wanted to take care of your siblings. You’re my girl.

Your bright blue eyes and curly red hair bring compliments from everyone. And rightly so because you are beyond beautiful. But I hope you grow up being known not only for your beauty but also for everything that makes you, you. You are smart. You have been stringing together sentences and pronouncing big words like stethoscope and pulmonologist since before you turned 2. Your memory is mind-blowing. I’ll never forget sitting on our little front steps watching a lady walk by with a baby on her back in a baby carrier and you looked at me and asked, “Dat Betany?” We hadn’t seen Aunt Bethany in months but you knew she had dark hair and wore your cousin on her back all the time. You hadn’t forgotten. You also know based on what you can see out your window while we are driving if we are going to Vanderbilt or our church or to downtown. You know the streets of Nashville. You have always loved music and can match pitch with your daddy. You are super witty and make me laugh all the time. You have the best imagination and I love it when you pretend to be ‘Mom’ and repeat all of the things you heard me say. You are the best big sister ever. You constantly tell your siblings you love them and that they are cute. You entertain Thea and give the boys paci’s. You are so caring and full of love.

You have been my reminder in the hardest of times that God has given me a new, blessed love every day. I love you, sweet girl. I love being your mom. You’re my girl, forever and always.


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