Our Story

Part 1

Part 2

I really struggled with not being able to get pregnant. I was one of eight kids. I grew up around women who had six, eight, twelve-plus children. To be honest, I had never heard of someone struggling with infertility. This was a whole new world for me. A painful and lonely one.

I had finally come to a place of peace with my infertility when suddenly my feet started swelling. I became really concerned about my health. My mom had passed away from ovarian cancer and one of her first symptoms was swelling.

After a couple of days of trying to get the swelling to go down and it not going down I was on the verge of calling my doctor and demanding to be tested for ovarian cancer when it hit me: this could be a pregnancy symptom.

I thought This is crazy, there is no way I’m pregnant.

But we decided to take a test just in case to rule it out before calling my doctor throwing around scary words like cancer. We snuck around Wal-Mart to buy a test and then I immediately peed on it after returning home. It was after 8pm. I knew after months, years of taking test after test I should wait until morning. But I couldn’t wait.

The longest three minutes of my life and then two pink lines. We cried. We laughed. We took pictures and called our families.

We couldn’t believe it. Our miracle. We knew outside of salvation God had given us the best possible gift: a child.

We named her Nova Carwyn because Nova means “new” and Carwyn means “blessed love”. She lives up to her name so well. She blesses us with new love every moment of every day.



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