Broadway and Babes

I’m determined to not allow the fact that we have 4 kids under 3 keep us from exploring Nashville, especially now that it is ok for Thea to be out and about.

Over the fall and winter months, while we stayed home with Thea as much as possible, one of our favorite things to do was the drive through downtown Nashville. Nova loved (and still loves) doing this.

The lights and music were so exciting to her. She wanted the windows down so she could see and hear everything (as best she could, sitting rearfacing). And she would beg us to take her downtown “to hear daddy’s music” (because to Nova all music is Adam’s music).

But we never got out of the car because 1) Thea couldn’t and 2) big, huge pregnant lady couldn’t handle the walk down Broadway. πŸ˜‚

Today we spontaneously decided to walk downtown. To say Nova loved it would be an understatement. She said “Hi!” to all the passing people, Β she swayed to the music, and as we waited to cross streets she shouted at cars, “Go, go, go!”.

We didn’t go inside any bars or stores; just enjoyed the downtown vibe. And it turned out to be fun and manageable with the kids. We brought our double stroller and two Ergo baby carriers (who are we kidding?! We don’t go any where without our stroller and Ergo carriers!). Half way through our walk we stopped for bottles and water, and while stopped we switched all the kids around; whoever was in the baby carrier was put in the stroller and vice versa.

So downtown Broadway with kids is totally doable and recommended by these parents.


2 thoughts on “Broadway and Babes

  1. That is AWESOME. I miss downtown Nashville. So good that you guys can get out and about with all the little ones.

    Be Blessed



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