Our Story – Part 1

Adam and I met August 2010 through the online dating site, eHarmony. I had complained to my dad that there weren’t any guys in my town and he suggested I sign up to see if I could meet anyone through the internet.

I decided to sign up but also decided not to contact anyone on the website. I thought to myself that if a guy was really interested he would contact me. It wasn’t but a few days before Adam sent me a message. We communicated through email for a few weeks before exchanging phone numbers. I was smitten from day one. He was a cute redhead with a northern accent who loved Jesus and sang Amos Lee’s Sweet Pea to me nightly.

I was living in Georgia and he was in Kentucky so we decided to meet mid-September in Chattanooga, Tennessee the perfect halfway point for both of us. I had a few ground rules for Adam during our first meet: no touching me and he had to be at least arms length away at all times. He agreed and kept his distance while we explored Rock City and the river walk. I think he was pretty pleased when I slipped my arm in his as we walked to the car at the end of our date.

By December he asked my dad for my hand in marriage and even though he hadn’t proposed to me yet we picked out a date. I was left waiting for his surprise proposal. He waited until the middle of March to propose. Part of his plan to surprise me was to have my dad host a St. Patrick’s Day cookout. I seriously thought my dad had lost his mind. But after I finished my work day I begrudgingly drove to the picnic area to have a St. Patty’s party with my family and some close friends. I remember thinking they were all crazy for being so excited about a cookout for St. Patrick’s Day. They were all grinning and once some extremely Scottish/Celtic music began playing the smiles only grew. I couldn’t figure out what I was missing until I saw Adam leading a huge crowd of people out of the men’s restroom toward the picnic area. Our family and some of our closest friends were hiding in that restroom to be there with us when he asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes.

Almost exactly one year after he first sent me a message through eHarmony we said “I Do” at my hometown church.

Photo credit: Josh Jack and Susan Whitley

We honeymooned in Seattle, Washington and then started life together as a married couple in Kentucky where he was living and working. It was the start of our happily forever after.


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